Electrical Engineer Requirements

General Responsibilities​

  • Research commercially specified hardware/software points on legacy products to stay up to date with changing requirements of the field. Ex: circuits, chips, ECUs (electrical control units), wired/wireless communication protocols, etc.

  • Research to improve Draperies.com current motorization products to improve power, voltage, and input/output values.

  • Provide insight into product development for motorization products and related hardware components to expand potential family product lines.

  • Support control panel production team locally and overseas.

  • Support any outstanding customer issues in the field relating to Draperies.com BRZ and CSK motorized window solutions installation, testing, control, and hardware/software application. Occasional direct customer contact and travel may be necessary to resolve these issues.

  • Draft and design internal (electrical) and external (profiles) schematics for commercial applications using CAD software.

  • Provide support in UL and FCC certification and registration.

  • Provide internal testing and electrical components for power input/output and nominal values for QA and QC purposes.

  • Report and provide insight to technical findings from US based team to R&D teams overseas. 


Required Skills

  • Proficient in AutoCAD, Altium Designer, Keil uVision, or other related panel design software

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

  • Proficient in system and circuit design, working with PCB (drilling, layout, soldering), micro-controller debugging, FGPA systems programming (USB, RS232, RS485, dry contact)

  • Able to communicate in Mandarin Chinese at a conversation level 

  • Able to work in dedicated teams and solve problems efficiently in a timely manner 

Required Experience

  • Commercial control panel design: at least one year

  • Commercial QA/QC testing in regulated electrical engineering fields

  • Familiarity with commercial communication protocols (Dry contact, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee, Z-Wave)

Required Education

  • Minimum B.S. in Electrical Engineering (or related major)


  • Paid holidays, vacation days, sick days offered

  • 401K retirement plan with employer matching

  • Annual bonus


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