Our Story

The 'Who'

Draperies.com is a manufacturer of affordable and quality drapery hardware. We provide premium quality products at competitive prices for the window related hospitality industry. Since day one, our drapery hardware and installation experts help design products that cater to the installer, designer, and customer. With years of experience and high demand products, we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of drapery hardware to the industry.


The 'What'

We specialize in drapery hardware, however we understand the term 'drapery hardware' can be an ambiguous when talking to those not in the industry. Simply put - We provide everything drapery related, but the fabric. We design, extrude, and mould all of our own products. To name a few, we produce: batons, carriers, components, motorization solutions, and workroom supplies. As a manufacturer we also provide custom fabrication and OEM services to companies looking for private labeling. We stock all of our products in our warehouses ready to be shipped at a moments notice. Our setup is designed to efficiently provide quality products on a timely basis to those in the industry at competitive prices.

The 'When'

Established in 2002, DDC was initially comprised of two individuals who had a dream to revolutionize and window treatment industry. Since then, we have been steadily expanding to fit the demanding changes of a growing industry.

The 'Where'

You can find our corporate office in sunny west coast of Los Angeles, California. 

The 'Why'
In the early era, a majority of drapery hardware products were simply used due to their availability. The products were functional, yet somewhat lacking in design and durability. The industry had hit a glass ceiling and change was stagnant. Our founder saw a traditional industry with an ever growing demand for something new and refreshing. He began sourcing quality raw materials and collaborating with manufacturers to create unique and exciting products for clients. Word began to spread that a small company was making a name for itself through products alone. The pamphlet advertising our products grew into a catalogue, more pages were added with every passing year. Our growth has been fueled by our passion to develop new and exciting products for the ever changing hospitality industry.